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environmentally friendly Christmas tree netting

Bio Tree Net- The Sustainable Choice!

close up of Bio Tree Net, cotton tree netting

Currently, Bio Tree Net is available in 23”, undyed, 100% cotton OEKO-TEX®. Bio Tree Net is much the same as plastic netting.  It wraps trees and loads onto the baler in a similar way.

2024 Pricing
A cartridge has 230m (755ft) of netting

1 cartridge is $212CDN + HST + shipping
1 cartridge bales approximately 80 trees (7 ft trees)

* NEW *

Trial cartridge of biodegradable netting

Trial cartridges for 23” netting are currently available.
$20 + HST (free shipping)
15 m of netting (bales approximately five, 7ft trees)

farmer pruning tree at Chickadee Christmas Trees

“We ran out of tree wrap halfway through our season, and will be ordering 5-6 more (cartridges) for next year…It’s very strong material!  We’re going to switch over to your product.  It’s excellent!” 

-Shelley Enns, Owner of Warkentin’s Tree Farm 2023, (after trying two cartridges of netting)

Price Comparison:
Bio Tree Net vs
Plastic Netting

The overall cost of a $65/ 7 ft tree is approximately 2% more when baled with Bio Tree Net.

Bio Tree Net: $65 + $2.65 (per tree for netting) = $67.65
Plastic: $65 + $1.20 (per tree for netting) = $66.20
$67.65/$66.20 = 2% more for Bio Tree Net

2023 experiment burying pieces of plastic netting, Bio Tree Net and plastic bag. 


cotton netting, plastic netting and garbage bag samples before being buried


results of cotton netting, plastic netting, garbage bag samples after being buried for three months

Result: Bio Tree Net disappeared in 3.5 months. 

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