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Helpful Tips for Using 23” Bio Tree Net

Please read these helpful tips to learn how to
use the cotton netting on a hand baler.

  • You may need to reduce the diameter of your retainer ring (hula hoop). The retainer ring should be 27”/68.5cm (outside diameter).  If you need to reduce your retainer ring size, follow these instructions:

  1. Remove the retainer ring from your baler and ensure the ring is at room temperature.

  2. Pull the ring apart at the joiner.

  3. Cut 3” (8cm) off the ring to decrease the diameter by 1” (2.5cm).

Cut 4.5” (12cm) off the ring to decrease the diameter by 1.5” (3.8cm).
Cut 6” (16cm) off the ring to decrease the diameter by 2” (5cm).

4. To make the ring smooth, sand the cut edge of the ring before sliding it back onto the joiner.

  • It is recommended to use string to tie-off a loose elastic bungee cord, 3-4 inches from the retainer ring. (See Figure 1 and 2.) The joining ends of the bungee cord can be wrapped in smooth electrical tape so that the netting slides past easily.

Figure 1: Bungee cord attached with string

Figure 2: Bungee cord with retainer ring

strings attaching bungee cord to baler
bungee cord with retainer ring on baler
  • Loading the Cartridge: Slide on the cardboard sleeve (similar to plastic netting) and push the netting with the palm of your hand.  Do not allow the netting to get caught underneath itself. Avoid pushing your fingers into the netting, as the netting may get caught under layers of netting and bind on itself.

  • Remember to cut the 2 strings that connect the leading edge and the terminal edge

  • You will need to wrap the netting around the tree trunk since Bio Tree Net is less “sticky” than the plastic netting.

  • On a smaller tree, twist the tree while pulling it through the baler to create a tighter bale.

  • You will need to monitor the netting and will likely need to make small adjustments to the netting from time to time.

  • Storage: From season to season, store your cotton netting indoors, dry, and away from sunlight.

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